Honda Accord Wiper Blades

1.Type:Rear Wiper Blade-Multifunction
2.$0.69 - $0.79 / Pieces
3.Life Time:over 1 year
4.Place of Origin:Xiamen, China (Mainland)

Product Details

honda accord wiper blades

Quick Details of honda accord wiper blades

how to install wiper blades


Product Feature of honda accord wiper blades

1. Easy to install, suitable for all kinds of wiper arms, 99.7% suitable

2.No noise during wiper operation, clean scrape and no residue 

3.provide superior pressure distribution and thus enhance the wiping performance 

4.can fit in both OE and Conventional applications by replacing fewer adapters

5.Suitable for all seasons and excellent performance in bad weather conditions

Our advantage of honda accord wiper blades

1.The first and second level supporting capacity of the depot .

2.For more than 15 years, oem, a well-known brand in more than 15 countries.

3.Have a professional brand marketing team 

4.Set up a domestic professional brand marketing center

5.More than 20 countries are authorized to sell and sell across Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

 Our Company

Wiper Factory

    METO's extensive high quality wiper blade line is supported by a totally integrated manufacturing process.From quality rubber materials to the final finished product,our manufacturing procedures include-stamping,rubber molding,electrical coating,powder painting&final stringent testing,emulating the most adverse conditions.

    METO is committed to total solutions to their customers with a full range of wiper blades,including passenger cars,trucks&buses.In addition,a wide range of adapts are supplied to fit most applications for trouble free installation,firm connections and long service life. 

    METO has the capacity to produce over 800000 pieces per month.As a result of this capacity,manufacturing procedures&quality control,METO is successfully selling this full range of products to well known wiper blade manufacturers for OEM&OES,and chain stores world-wide.

    Our factory covers 20000 sqm plant area,more than 200 trained and skillful employees and 8 production lines.We had approved by ISO/TS16949 and ISO9001:2008.The well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of productioin,which guarantee the annual production capacity of 6 million pieces,good quality and competition price.




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