Car Wiper Blades

1.Type:Hybrid Wiper Blade
2.$1.25 - $1.60 / Pieces
3.Life Time:over 1 year
4.Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)

Product Details

car wiper blades

Quick Details of car wiper blades

rear wiper bladeProduct 

Feature of car wiper blades

best wiper blades 2019

1.Easy installation for different 20 kinds car wiper arm , covering 99.9% cars

2.We are leading the trend of car wipers. We are industry leaders.

3.efffective use the wind pressur,make wipers fit the glass better,strengthen the intensity of wiper scraping,ensuring clearer scraping;

4.Reduced friction and noise with graphite-treated natural rubber wiping edge

Product advantage of car wiper blades

1.The factory-type foreign trade company can provide the customer with the factory price 

2.Strong production capacity, short delivery time; has a professional quality control department and after-sales service team.

3. We have a number of patents, domestic and foreign quality inspection certificates, the production of products with quality assurance 

4.At the same time, our company has a special quality management department, after-sales service team

about METO

Wiper Factory

    Xiamen METO Auto Parts Industry Co.,Ltd. is one of the best professional wiper blade manufacturers from China,and has been proiding wiper blade products for more than 15 years.

    Hybrid wiper blades,our products include flat wiper blades,universal wiper blades with arms and wiper refils.

    As a competitive company in the wiper blade market,we develop manufacture and market cutting-edge,reliable and high -quality wiper blades and provide value-added professional services that provide customers with smarter ways to be productive and comperitive.

    Wiper blade is very important."Twenty percent of all vehicle accidents resulted from impaired vision caused by a dirty or damp windshield"is the world uttered by Bryan Gregory Flawed wiper blades might come out of the harm in a dangerous situation.

    Our wiper blades are through strict quality control to provide the neat and standard design with a maximum view of the road you drive at.We complely know customers needs.Our mission is to design and build superior and affordable wiper blades,arms and refills for customers who performance and price requirements are as diverse as they vare.