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Wiper Wiper Blade Is Made Of What Materials?

Feb 03, 2016

Car wiper blades are made of rubber.

Wiper Blade is widely used in auto body accessories, mainly used to scrape on a rainy day in addition to rain on the windshield, also used to wash the windscreen. Wiper Blade power source from the electric motor, which is the core of the whole wiper systems.

Generally, there are two types of wiper blades, is the traditional batch-type, this is the most common type of wiper blades, by driving rain and line of sight conditions, in accordance with the adjustment; another is a rain sensor, on a much used in high-class models. Good wipers must have heat, cold, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, can fit the windshield, reduce the burden on motor, low noise, strong water, soft scratching windshields and other features to make your vision clear.