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Why Is The Wiper Blade Always Not Durable?

May 22, 2018

Why is the wiper blade always not durable?


High temperature is the enemy of wiper blades. For vehicles parked in the open air, long-term exposure will undoubtedly accelerate the aging of wiper blades. In Southeast Asia and other high-temperature regions, local owners are used to parking and then pull up the wiper to prevent the long-term contact of the wiper rubber with the high temperature of the front windshield, which is undoubtedly a good help to improve the durability of the wiper blade. At the same time, in areas with a lot of dust and sand, if you do not regularly clean the wiper blade and windshield, the wiper blade will also be easily damaged. This is why people often complain that the wiper has just changed.


A6 A4 Exclusive Rubber Car Windshield/windscreen Window Wipers Blades System Of Meto Item WB-306.jpgOf the tens of thousands of spare parts in automobiles, wipers should be the shortest life span. Although the duration of using is related to the environment of the car, the climate, and whether there is proper maintenance, from the perspective of safe driving. Generally speaking, we annually all need to replace the new wiper blade. There are many brands of wiper blades, the price difference is also very large, it is recommended to choose a brand of wipers. First, the product is more durable, and secondly, the quality is also more stable, reducing the chance of damage to the windshield.

Avoiding high temperatures, and often cleaning the windshield, these two methods are no doubt positive for increasing the life of the wiper blade, but there is a simple way to carry out scratches and abnormal sound on the wiper blade. Repair, we can search for wiper repairer on the Internet, its principle is to wear away the surface aging and damaged rubber, generally a pair of wipers can be polished 2-3 times, the repair effect is still very good, both Save money and protect the environment.