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Why Frameless Wipers Are Better?

May 18, 2018

Why frameless wipers are better?


Bosch Bracketless Windshield Wiper For Universal Type Hyundai Blades Removal Arms.jpgWhat are the benefits of a frameless wiper compared to a traditional wiper? The power of traditional wiper is transmitted through layers of lamination. There are multiple stress points on the blade, and the stress is not balanced. The frameless wiper is an integral piece of rubber. In addition, the construction of the frameless wiper is relatively simple, and the overall weight of the material is light, which undoubtedly eases the burden on the motor and the rocker arm. At the time of operation, the frameless wiper is not only quiet and noiseless, but also has a relatively long life. Under normal circumstances, the traditional wipers need to be changed every year, and the lifespan of the frameless wiper is two to three times that of the conventional wipers. It can be replaced by two or three years. Due to the close adhesion of the wiper rubber strips to the glass, there are few cases where the wipers do not have the gravel between the wipers that the conventional wipers often encounter. This not only protects the windshield, but also protects the wipers themselves.


Frameless wipers rely on a whole piece of steel bead that adheres to the curvature of the glass to provide pressure, so that the wiper strips are evenly distributed, which can greatly reduce the generation of water marks and scratches and achieve better water removal. effect. In addition, the structure of the frameless wiper is simple, and it is more aerodynamic in design. It can eliminate the wind resistance caused by high-speed driving of the car, reduce the jitter wear, and greatly reduce the loss of the scraper glass to the automotive glass.


Most of the wear of frameless wipers is actually the wear of the wiper strips. The metal and plastic skeleton parts can be used for several years or more as long as they are not deformed, but the wiper strips are aging due to the rubber material and the glass. With constant friction and wear, most of them will not be clean in about half a year and need to be replaced.