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What Is The Principle Of The Wiper Gap?

Jun 01, 2018

What is the principle of the wiper gap?


The wiper power source comes from the motor, which is the core of the entire wiper system. The quality of the wiper motor is quite high. It uses a DC permanent magnet motor. The wiper motor mounted on the front windshield is generally integrated with the mechanical parts of the worm gear. The role of the worm gear mechanism is to increase the torque, and the output shaft drives the four-bar linkage mechanism. The four-bar linkage mechanism changes the continuous rotation motion to the left-right swing motion.


High Quality Windshield Wipers Blades Bone Frame Best Rated.jpgThe wiper motor uses a 3-brush configuration to facilitate shifting. Intermittent time is controlled by an intermittent relay. The wiper is swept in a certain period by utilizing the charge and discharge function of the motor's return switch contact and relay resistance capacitor. The wiper blade is a tool that directly removes rain and dirt from the glass. The wiper strip is pressed against the glass surface by a spring strip, and its lip must match the glass angle in order to achieve the required performance. Under normal circumstances, there is a wiper control knob on the handle of the car combination switch, which is provided with three gear positions of low speed, high speed, and intermittent. At the top of the handle is the scrubber key switch. When the push button is pressed, the wash water is sprayed, and the wiper is used to wash the windshield. The scrubber system is a very common device on the car. It consists of a water tank, a water pump, a water pipe, and a water spray nozzle. The storage tank is generally a plastic tank of 1.5 liters to 2 litres, and the water pump is a micro-electric centrifugal pump. Through this, the wash water of the tank is sent to the water nozzle, and the press effect of 2 to 4 water nozzles will be used. The washing water is divided into small jets and sprayed on the windshield, which cooperates with the wiper to clean the windshield.

In addition to the front windscreen wiper, many passenger cars also have rear window wipers installed so that drivers can see things behind the car in rainy weather. Headlights on some high-end passenger cars are also equipped with a cleaning device similar to a wiper. The rear window wiper and headlamp cleaning device does not have a special four-bar linkage mechanism, and only a compact conversion mechanism (such as a rack gear or a four-bar linkage mechanism) is added to the motor to turn the rotation into oscillation. According to European and U.S. regulations, the current headlamp cleaning device should clean the dirt within 8 seconds to reduce the illumination to 80% when the current lamp is dirty and the illumination is reduced to 20%. The headlight washing water is provided by the windshield wiper tank, and the position of the water nozzle must be set properly so that the vehicle can spray wash water onto the lamp surface at any speed.