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What Are The Common Problems With Wiper?

Oct 12, 2018

What are the common problems with wiper?


Car Rear Window Rain Guard Windshield Wipers Blades For Glasses Deflector.jpgNowadays, the wiper on the market is divided into a boneless wiper and a boneless wiper. Compared with the boneless wiper, the effect of the boneless wiper is better than that of the bone. First of all, it is not easy to appear because the pressure is too large, and the friction between the wiper strip and the glass is excessive. The big cause is jitter, the noise is relatively small, and the cost is not very high. Most models on the market are now equipped with boneless wipers. However, the market demand for bone wipers still exists in large quantities because of the low price, and is more suitable for economical models to reduce costs.

Before replacing the wiper, first determine what interface the car is. Generally, the interfaces of the commonly used models are U-shaped interfaces and common interfaces, and then the brand selection is made. In addition, there are many models with specific interfaces. For example, BMW is a dedicated interface. 

Excluding the glass itself sticks to things that are difficult to clean, such as gums and other difficult to clean dirt, if the general dust water marks appear scratched, foggy streaks, jitter, or slight abnormal noise, first observe Whether the wiper strip is destroyed, if it is not destroyed, it is just dirty! Every year, the wind blows in the rain, and many fine sand particles are attached to the wiper strips. In this way, of course, the glass is not cleaned and the glass is scratched. Remove the wiper and clean it, then sand it with water sandpaper several times. If you are too troublesome change it.