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The Proper Use Of Wiper Blade

Feb 03, 2016

1, keep the front glass surface with water car Wiper Blade cleaning parts made from natural rubber, in the case of windscreen was very dry wipe will be bruised because of the excessive friction rubber surfaces, thus affecting the wipe effect, so be sure to keep the front glass surface with water to use the auto wipers.

2, clean wiper rubber article and attached attached attached objects on the glass surface in the auto wipers cleared glass before they can work surface with rubber wiper attached impurities, because they may be in the windshield wipers work, increasing the friction between rubber and glass, so as to gear damage rubber or scratch the glass surface, appear the phenomenon of shaving is not clear.

3, and parking Shi State up wiper tablets parking Shi will wiper tablets State up, not let rubber article and glass faces contact, especially car long-term without State Xia more to state up wiper tablets, trapped for parking Shi rubber article and glass surface Zhijian will fell full dust, and impurities, dang using wiper Shi, these dust, and impurities on will Afterburner mill wipe scrapes rubber article or glass surface, to effect wipe effect; Dang car parking Shi, engine is big of heat from engine cover Yu windshield Zhijian up evaporation, if not put rain scraping tablets State up will makes wiper tablets speed up aging.