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The Invention And Reformation Of Wiper Blade

May 16, 2018

The invention and reformation of wiper blade


The wiper blade was first invented in 1910. From 1900 there was a regular production of cars on the road, which meant that the car had no wiper on the road for at least 10 years. The idea of a wiper was driven by the chairman of the company's chairman on raining on a rainy day. Because of the blurry weather, it was impossible to see the road, causing a boy to ride a bicycle. Although the boy was not seriously injured, the driver was shocked by his experience. What shocked him was that the danger of driving took place without fully seeing the road, which caused the wipers to come into being.

Natural rubber with graphite coated Multifunctional Rear Wiper Blade for WB-R04.jpgA series of different methods have been tried before we are familiar with the electric wiper system. The earliest wiper design is a plastic blade rotating manually on the windshield. Although this makes the windshield clean, the front view becames clear, but the operator's hands were soon tired, so the design was abandoned. Unfortunately, the speed of this design is plagued by the fact that speed changes. This failure eventually led to connecting a motor to the wiper arm, which has been used today.


Top Rated Rubber Rear Beam Screen Windshield Wipers Blades With Multi Adapter.jpg

The accelerated wiper (1960 to 1970) appeared in 1968 and used metal wires to help wind resistance. This solves the problem of the windy condition and the rain brush being detached from the window. Mazda Luce (COSMO) was the first vehicle to use an acceleration wiper. Long windshield wipers (1970 -1980) were developed in 1976. With the advent of ultra-thin wipers, it helps to reduce glare. The color is also black from the silver to the present standard. Modern wiper blade (since 1980) was introduced in 1980. It shows more significant changes in high speed processing. To avoid fringes, uniform pressure is applied to all parts of the windshield. Now the wipers are based on this design concept.