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The CCTV Program Team Come To METO Wiper Blade Factory Record The Quality Program

May 14, 2018

The CCTV Program team come to METO wiper blade factory record the "Quality" program.

METO wiper blade factory is famous for its high quality products and creativity.Our main market is European market. Germany. Italy, Poland ,Greece, Russia, France we have the good customers. METO wiper blade big advantage is every year our technology department will have several patent wipers launch market. METO wiper blade in 14 years experience on wiper blade. It's the leader of the wiper blade industry. 

METO factory.jpg

METO factory

METO factory (3.jpg

METO factory

METO factory (4.jpg

Manager Interview


Refill production (2).jpg

Wiper Refill producion 

Refill production.jpg

Wiper Refill production

Stream-Lineed line (1).jpg

Stream lineed line

Stream-Lineed line (2)_.jpg

Stream linned line