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METO Wiper Blade .Big Team Training In Shanghai, How To Sale Windshield Wiper

Apr 03, 2018

METO wiper blade .Big team training in Shanghai, how to sale windshield wiper

As part of METO wiper blade enterprise culture, Trainging ,enhance the employee's skill.to catch the world Changing trends, it need to have the professional training very year. 

As a team . this training teach us how to spend the time on work. and make it efficient. For sales how to sale the winshield wiper. for the service department . teach you how to make good service to assist the sales department to sale out the wiper blade. 

Finally we got a successfultraining. we got the A graduation certificate.

METO Training (2).jpg

METO Team photo

METO Training (1).jpg

All teams photo