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Feb 03, 2016

Periodic inspection: check the wiper is simple, spray some cleaner and then switch on the wiper, watch its movement is smooth, and listen to see if you have a large "scratch" sound, if any, and says the wiper too much pressure to the glass, then must make the appropriate adjustment. When the wipers sweep after having one or two, to see if there is water on the windshield, and observe whether will leave a few scratches, if clearly seen, and says the wiper wiper rubber article on Aging, new strips should be replaced.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure: avoid prolonged exposure in the Sun can make the wiper blades last longer, have a point mostly very Note: found that when there is dust on the glass, often only open the wipers sweep away the sand, this is very wrong, the fact that to do so would greatly damage rubber wiper and automotive glass. So before opening, try spraying a little cleaner, manual cleaning is better, of course. Maintenance wiper must pay attention to maintain the car's sprinkler system: join a neutral cleaning agent, cleaning, lubrication; bad cleaning fluid will corrode spray system, wipers and auto paint. Water filled in a timely manner to avoid water-jet motor.