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Loading The Italian Customer Windshield Wiper Blade Container 2*40GP

Mar 29, 2018

Loading the Italian Customer windshield wiper blade container 2*40GP

Sunning day , METO wiper blade workers working hard now. Loading 2*40GP container of windshild wiper blade of Italian customer. 

Italy has one of the highest car ownership in the world, with 62 cars per 100 inhabitants, according to ISTAT, Italy's second largest per capita European Union group of 27.

The figures suggest a higher standard of living in Italy, where car ownership is high, but traffic jams are caused by high car ownership and high relative density.

Our brand in Italian is No. 1 market. our wiper blade suit for Benz,Audi,Peugeot,VW,Fiat,Renault etc cars . The multifunctional wiper blade is very propular in the market. 

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