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Installation Method Of Wiper

Mar 20, 2018

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Automobile wiper is the most frequently used automobile parts on rainy days. Compared with other parts, it belongs to the vulnerable parts, which need to be replaced every six months to a year. According to the different design of the wiper arm of the automobile, three methods of changing the wiper are introduced.

1. Installation method of top buckle

This type of wiper is easily recognizable in shape. The wiper arm and the link to the wiper seem to be stacked together, and this type of wiper is thought to be the most convenient for replacement. After the wiper arm is raised, Rotate the wiper to a position perpendicular to the wiper arm so that the wiper can be removed from the wiper arm without touching any locking device

2. Installation method of side buckle

This type of wiper interface is to insert the wiper directly into the wiper arm. By locking the lock block, it is very simple to distinguish such an interface, to see if there is a "small button" on the wiper arm. We press the small button on the wiper arm with one hand to the end, so that the wiper can move, the other hand will pull the wiper out before removing the wiper. It is easier to install the wiper. Insert the new wiper directly into the wiper arm.

3. Installation method of plug and pull wiper arm

The wiper is fixed in the same way as the top buckle, but the lock button is not above the wiper arm, but on either side. When disassembled, one hand is required to press the lock button on both sides of the wiper arm at the same time. Pull out the wiper with the other hand. But the structure will be awkward when installed, don't force too hard, otherwise the wiper interface will be injured.