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Feb 03, 2016

1, and around direction of right because some car around rain side of wiper tablets is has difference of, like Passat, although around rain side wiper of length are same (21 inch), but left is straight of (EUS521), right is is with radian of (EU621), if around loaded anti-words, on will appeared a support scraping not clean, a support end Alice up of phenomenon. Thus affecting the wipe effect. Therefore, the installation should pay attention to the directionality of left and right side of the rain.

2, and fixed end of directional NWB of NR27, and EU, and EUS series wiper tablets of rubber article is end fixed of, in installation Shi to note keep fixed end always in glass of below (inside) movement, activities end up (to outside), or will will for wiper movement Shi produced of centrifugal force, for for rubber article to outside stretch, appeared scraping not clear or rubber article from bracket, phenomenon, to effect has wipe effect.