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How To Remove Wiper Blades?

Jul 01, 2020

As soon as the old wiper blade has been removed from the arm, close the included shutter release button, slide in the new blade and hear an audible click sound.

You can now switch on the ignition again and put the wiper blade back in the windscreen so that it returns to its position. One of the most important things about replacing a Land Rover wiper blade is making sure you get the right size. The size of the wiper blades can vary greatly between Audi A6s and the driver's side - side wiper blades are often longer than passenger sides. 

If your vehicle's rear wiper blade does not get the right size for its position in the windscreen, it loses its effectiveness. It is not necessary to remove the wiper arm from the window to replace the rear wiper blades for each type of vehicle. You can replace the rear wiper blades by lifting the wiper arm out of the windows, turning the old wiper blades outwards, removing them and turning the new blades so that they snap into place. 


When the wiper arm is set vertically, pay attention to the joints connecting the rubber assembly of the wiper arms. Lift the wiper arm, one wiper at a time, away from the windshield and place the new blades in place. It is recommended to put a towel over the windscreen to protect the glass from damage to the windscreen wipers such as rain, wind or even a car accident. 

To push off the joints and tabs, take the other hand and gently press it onto the rubber construction. Carefully slide the new wiper blade replacement into the same end as you pulled out the old one. Hold it tight with a clamp so that the windscreen is not scratched and the clip is not scratched. 

Carefully turn the arm back into position, release it and repeat the process on the other side and gently swing it back into position. 

When you lead the wiper unit back to the window, slide out the old wiper blades and turn them so that they are vertical. Turn it around the fastening rod and pass it through the rubber sheets turned away from the arm. If you need to take it out, turn the knives so that they are vertical and slide them out. 

Carefully slide the wiper arm back into the windscreen so that the wipers touch the glass. Make sure nothing protrudes and, if necessary, wipe a cloth clean at the edge. Once you have installed the new knives in the WIPER arm, try them out. 

If the blades slip, switch off the windshield wipers and let the attachment sit tighter and switch on again. Check the windshield wiper by switching it on and off and lubricating the windshield surface with water from the windshield washer. For instructions on adding windshield washer fluid to your Honda Accord, see this link.

It does not take a degree in mechanical engineering to replace the wiper blades, but it is worth it. 

The metal arm is attached to the vehicle and emerges from under the bonnet so that it is not visible from the outside. The metal arms are attached to the vehicles and come out of the bonnet and are not visible from behind. 

The metal blade holds the rubber blade, which you have to worry about when checking or replacing your windshield wipers for normal wear. If you have found the right replacement blade, it is a safe bet to replace the windscreen wiper. 

If you go back a few years, most coaches have a slightly smaller windscreen and use a 26-28 inch wiper blade. If in doubt, photograph the blade and take it to your local dealer, and the service representative should be able to help you choose the right model. 

Today, however, many come with 32-inch blades, just like Tiffin, and, like us, equip them with a 32-inch blade. 

The new blade can include an adapter that locks the blade opening and accepts pins of different sizes, or the new unit can simply lock the pins. Sometimes you have to lift the flap with a screwdriver over the existing blade to remove the latch on the arm. Maybe you also need the old blade tightened, so push off the arms that are at their ends, and done. 

Remove the wiper blade from the arm with the attachment and place it back in its original place in the boot of the vehicle. 

At one end of the wiper blade there is a metal frame, which has dug itself with many claws into the rubber of the windscreen wipers. At the end where the plastic cap is not removed, pull out the "wiper leads" and push them down at this end and then to the other end. Check for any signs of corrosion, such as a small hole in the rubber cap or a crack on the surface of the blade.