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How To Maintain The Wiper?

May 29, 2018

How to maintain the wiper?


Speaking of the wiper, many riders may not care. In the sum of cars, the wiper is a relatively small part. However, according to an international driving safety survey, the number of traffic accidents caused by the weathering of wipers is about 5 times higher than usual. In the season of frequent showers, if there is something wrong with your wiper, you must quickly repair or replace it. To find out what kind of wiper you use for your car, refer to the manual for the vehicle to see the wiper model indicated above. Be aware of the way the struts are connected to the wiper arm. Because some of the arms are screwed to the rocker arm, and some are locked with a male buckle.

High Quality Windshield Wipers Blades Bone Frame Best Rated.jpgDuring the test, the wiper switch was placed at various speed positions to check if the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds. Especially in the intermittent working state, we must also pay attention to whether the wiper maintains a certain speed while exercising. Check the condition of the wiper and whether the wiper rod is uneven or missing. If the following three conditions occur, the wiper is not qualified. First, the swing is not smooth, the wiper does not move normally; the second is that the rubber contact surface and the glass surface can not be completely fit, resulting in wiping residue; the third is the appearance of water film after wiping the glass surface, the glass produces fine stripes, fog and Linear residue.

Some people think that the longer the wiper blade length, the larger the brush area, the better the field of view. In fact, the longer the wiper blades are, the better. Although increasing the length of the wiper blade can increase the visible range of the visual field, it also relatively increases the burden on the wiper motor and the wiper shaft. Of course, it is certainly possible to increase length, but it must be ensured that the wiper cannot be prevented from working properly.