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How To Install The Car Wiper Blade Correctly?

May 10, 2018

How to install the car wiper blade correctly?

What’s the wiper blade? For the driver, the wiper is not a stranger. The car wiper blade is used to refresh the raindrops on rainy days to make the driver's vision clearly and widly. Driving safety is very important for drivers. Vehicle wiper blades can reduce traffic accidents and protect people's travel safety.


When you are installing the wiper blade, first, you should pay attention to the directionality of the left and right wipers. Second, you should eliminate resist film, before installing, wipe the protective film with a wet cloth, otherwise it will not clear. Third, you have to make sure that the type of the wiper piece matches the car. Different types and different lengths of the wipers are used in different cars. When installing a car wiper, we must determine the length and size of the wiper to be fitted to the car. Last, before installing the wiper, check whether there is any problem with the front windshield and wiper arm. If the front glass surface is unclean, the wiping effect will be bad after installation, in other words, the wiper blades are failure.Bosch Bracketless Windshield Wiper For Universal Type Hyundai Blades Removal Arms.jpg


when to change your wiper blades? Generally a year or so, it’s mainly to see the frequency of using, and remember to use a towel to clean the wiper after each rain, and increase the service life and protect the glass. What’s more, you have to check regularly to see if there is any problem with the wiper,then you need to buy a new one. If you have not replace wiper blades, you will have many problems when you driving.


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