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How To Distinguish Between Wiper And Boneless?

May 31, 2018

How to distinguish between wiper and boneless?


The principle of a bone wiper is to press the wiper blade against the glass through a plurality of support points on the frame, so that the pressure on the support points on the wiper blade is averaged. In the process of use, due to the average pressure of each support point of the bone wiper, the degree of wear is even, and the friction noise between the wiper blade and the glass is prone to occur, and it is not easy to scrape clean impurities.


Auto Accessory Remove Glasses Windscreen WiperS Blades For Peugeot Ford Focus.jpgBoneless wiper blades are relative to conventional wiper blades with metal brackets. The main difference between the two is in the work pressure: there is a bone wiper blade can not withstand greater pressure. The boneless wiper itself is composed of four components: a wiper strip, a boneless wiper blade, a wiper sheath and a plastic part. The bracket is made of stainless steel, and the steel sheet is carbon steel and has a length of 10-28 inches, a thickness of 0.80-0.90 mm, and a width of 7.00-14.00 mm. The steel plate in the boneless wiper uses a whole steel strip to distribute the pressure, so that the various parts of the wiper blade are evenly distributed to achieve the effect of reducing water marks and scratches. The outer layer of the steel plate is coated with a plating layer to make it more resistant to rust.

In addition, the elasticity of the boneless wiper steel sheet is better than that of a general blade wiper steel sheet, which can reduce the jitter abrasion, plus its uniform force, anti-sun, simple structure, lighter weight and other characteristics. As a result, the lifetime of the wiper-free motor and blade is at least double that of a conventional wiper.