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How To Disinfect Vehicles During Epidemic Period, Steps And Methods Of Vehicle Disinfection

Jun 04, 2020

    How to disinfect vehicles during epidemic period, steps and methods of vehicle disinfection---News from XIAMEN METO AUTO PARTS INDUSTRY CO.,LTD

     Now the epidemic has not been fully resolved, I believe many people also follow this frequent ventilation, more hand washing, hygiene, often disinfection, wearing masks, not pile up practice. For some car owners, sometimes driving out to buy goods home, is also to remember to sterilize the vehicle in time, then how to sterilize the vehicle during the epidemic, the following can be seen.

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    If the owner does not plan to go to the beauty shop or 4 S shop for disinfection, can also use some disinfectant at home to sterilize the vehicle. Buy 75% of the medical alcohol ,84 disinfectant, or to soda, and so on, there are special car disinfectant can be purchased. vehicle disinfection steps and methods can be referred to the following operation.

  1. use a towel to dip in medical alcohol ,84 disinfectant, or soda. Attention 84 disinfectant should be diluted according to the dilution ratio on the packaging label first, and the water and water to make 1%~3% solution.

  2. wipe the parts in the car with a towel. Note that medical alcohol is flammable, keep the car ventilated when wiping, the car is flameout stop working state. Do not use disinfectant to wipe the interior of leather material.

  3.  wipe is finished, open the car door and let the car be ventilated for a period of time to eliminate the residual smell of disinfectant.

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     Car owners in the towel wipe interior, but also remember to wear rubber gloves, so as not to the corrosive disinfectant will cause harm to the opponent. For taxi or car-hailing drivers, it is best to be able to disinfect the interior of the vehicle daily, to avoid the vehicle has a new type of coronavirus residue, driving out to remember to wear a mask.

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