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How Long Do Wiper Blades Last?

Jul 02, 2020

Most drivers are aware of this, having switched on their windscreen wipers in the middle of a rainstorm, only to find that their blades have essentially become useless. Of course, the lifetime of wiper blades is a generalization, depending on usage and climate, but most cars and trucks will need new wipers and blades every two to three years. 

If you tend to drive in really dangerous weather conditions, you need to change them more often, especially for those of us who, like me, tend to drive in very hot and humid conditions. If you tend to drive in a lot of really dangerous weather conditions, you're going to have to change more often, especially for people like me.

The average useful life of a wiper blade is six months to one year, but it is recommended that you replace it annually or earlier if necessary. If your wipers leave a paste on the windscreen, you need to extend the life of your wiper blades. It is definitely time to invest in a new blade, and I recommend replacing your wiper blades earlier every year. 

This may not last very long, but the fine rubber edge of the wiper blade is exposed to harsh environmental elements that can dry it out and crack it. Dirt and small stones can land on the windscreen and cause damage to the blades. 


Chopping through ice on the windshield in winter can do the same thing as washing cars, but it can go fast enough if the blades now seem to work properly. If the wiper blades do not come into contact with the windscreen, they can bend. If the frame of the blade is bent, it may have come into contact with or even come into contact with the windscreen in an accident. 

If you are wondering when you should replace the windscreen wipers on your vehicle, you will get the answer in a few weeks. Three factors influence the consumption of a new wiper blade: weather, weather conditions, and the type of weather. This becomes really obvious when it rains heavily or when the windshield wiper no longer reaches certain parts of the windshield or window. Industry experts recommend six months, but some suggest as little as two. 

If you are like me, you can be sure that hot or cold temperatures will crack the rubber and chip off tiny parts. Even if the blade is never switched on, heat and lack of moisture can damage it, especially in the winter months. 

Most experts say that a wiper blade needs to be changed every six to twelve months, although this depends on the weather conditions and the blade you are making. Ordinary rubber blades have a short lifespan, but silicone blades have a longer lifespan, perhaps more than a year, even with intensive use. Rubber blades are hardened with halogen so that they can be removed after a few years, especially in the winter months. 

Here are some recommendations for the best car wiper blades, inspired by the wipers in this review of 10beasts. These are not blades designed for specific makes and models, but you can choose the right size for your car. What you should know is the length of your windshield wipers, so there is no need for a blade that needs to be tailored to your specific make and model. Our Bosch wiper blades are consistently rated highly and have a longer service life than most other brands in this list, as well as blades from other manufacturers. 

Unfortunately, many drivers find that their windshield wipers do not last long enough before they notice streaks and poor windshield cleaning. It is often suggested that drivers replace the wiper blades on all vehicles generally every six months, and that is a pretty good rule. 

Checking the blades can be as simple as looking at the squeegee blades and seeing if there are any gaps or worn parts that are likely to be visible when you operate the windshield wipers. Mercedes-Benz wiper blades are made of both natural and synthetic rubber for durable elasticity and are available in a variety of colors and sizes, including black, white, red, and blue. 

If you notice that the wiper blades are working, be sure to cover them with dirt that prevents them from coming into contact with the windscreen. Simply wiping the blades with a clean lint-free cloth from time to time can make a big difference and prevent the blade itself from being damaged by contact between dirt and dirt. The windscreen wipers can leave streaks and dirt, especially depending on the condition of the vehicle or whether they are simply dirty and need to be replaced.

If the blades seem to work properly, you do not need to replace them, but if they are in good condition, replace your old windscreen wipers with specially designed winter blades. The frame of the blade is only a few millimeters thick and not as thick as the windscreen, so it does not make proper contact with the windscreen.