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Do You Know How To Select A Better Pair Of Wiper Blades?

Jun 15, 2018

If you want to select good wiper blades, there are four things to be considered.

    Xiamen METO Auto Parts Industry Co., Ltd, located in Chinese beautiful port city——Xiamen, METOwas established at 2004.  Building METO industry zone in 2011. Own 23000 square meter,60 million investment. Recently has about 200 employee . METO is a professional wiper blade manufacturer integrate with R&D, production, and sales services. Own many exclusive Patent certificate in China and abroad, with great creative ability, METO is the one who has the mostly complete series enterprise . The mainly three series is "Universal type", "Special type ", Multifunctional type". METO's soft wiper blade production has exclusive advantage on design, wiper performance ,noise reduction capability, safety, durable etc. Adopt unique design multifunctional adapters make it suit for 99% car model on the road, which also be widely used on Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Toyota, Honda new vehicles.


  Firstly, make sure that which kind of wiper blade your car is used, and you can refer to the car manual, which indicates that the wiper models have a look. In general, wiper blade can drive the metal supporting rod together to sell, less selling little single blade. As you do not know, you can make parts store clerk to help distinguish.

  Secondly, note whether the way of the support rod's connecting to the wiper arm matches, because some arm is fixed to the rocker arm by using screws, when buying, you should stay in touch.

  Thirdly, after pulling the wiper up, use fingers to touch rubber wiper blades that have been cleaned, and check for damage, and the elasticity of the rubber wiper blades. If the leaf aging, atherosclerosis, cracks, the wiper blade is not qualified.

  Fourthly, during the test, the wiper switch is placed in various speed position, check wiper blades under the different speeds maintain a certain speed. Particularly in the working condition, but also pay attention to the wiper blade during exercise is to maintain a certain speed.

    METO sincerely welcome customer from domestic and foreign countries to contact us by mail or even visit us to discuss business. We will continue to develop and promote business for mutual benefit with our precise management, good quality and excellent service.