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Degradation Causes

Feb 03, 2016

1, water and in the air (sand, mud, dust, foreign matter) wear on the blade;

2, water and cleaning fluid immersion (include components such as acid or base) stent coating corrosion;

3, water and cleaning solution soak (including components such as acid or base) corrosion of the Strip;

4, wax or automobile exhaust gas (and oil), (jitter and pollution)

5, cold, cold (snow, ice), and (make gum hard, brittle)

6, high temperature (windscreen, Sun), resulting in cracked rubber, hardened;

7, tape damage (UV, ozone);

8, rocker arm pressure on prolonged pressure on the Strip;

9, UV spectra of ultraviolet in sunlight, and temperature and humidity on the stent coated color, brightness and strength, cracking, spalling, Powdering, oxidation.

10, rotate back and forth countless times, normal wear and fatigue of the Strip.