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Congratulation To METO Wiper Blade Factory Success Choose By CCTV Quality Program

May 11, 2018

Congratulation to METO wiper blade factory success choose by CCTV Quality program


"quality "is a documentary film column that focuses on the growing enterprise. It is 15 minutes long on the discovery tour channel at 18:00 every Monday. It is presided over by famous host Zhang Tengyue and Li Yufei. The column uses documentary photography to "make Chinese quality more respected" as a mission to boost China with image power. Quality goes to the world.

In 2014, President Xi Jinping put forward the "three transformations" of "promoting the transformation of Chinese manufacturing into Chinese creation, of China's speed to China's quality, and of China's products to Chinese brands", which defined the brand. The importance of quality to products, enterprises and countries. Under the guidance of this policy, in September 2014, the "quality" column came into being.

In the past two years, the column has recorded hundreds of enterprises of the three major industrial growth types. Through the image language, it has deeply excavated the pursuit of quality of "made in China", its adherence to business, and relying on the dissemination of resources, thus giving new significance to "made in China." Establish the whole society's confidence in "made in China".