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Wiper selection?

Apr 17, 2019
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The so-called windshield wiper, is a vehicle in front of the glass in order to prevent rain and other dirt affect the line of sight and a simple cleaning tool. None of the cars had windshield wipers since 1885, when Karl Friedrich Benz of Germany invented the first car and Henry Ford of the United States mass-produced one in 1908. Later in 1917, j. r. Oishei, an American national, accidentally injured a teenager on a bicycle while driving on a rainy night in buffalo, n.y. To prevent this from happening again, he created a wiper wiper with grooved rubber bars on a metal rod that he sold through his company, TRICO.

But it was dangerous to shake the wipers as you drove, so he developed a pump wiper that moved with the speed of the car's engine. Later, in 1917, he successfully combined the wiper rod and motor to create the modern wiper.

The manual

(1) the key to the good function of the wiper is: the rubber wiper blade can maintain sufficient humidity. Only with sufficient wettability can it have a very good toughness to maintain a tight contact with the window glass.

Very simple truth, a dry rice in the bowl, if it does not bubble soft, let alone wash the dishes, is to use a hard to scrape, all scrape down. The same goes for wipers. A lot of car friends often complain that the wiper is not clean, but did not want to understand this truth.

(2) if you don't have a garage, get into the habit of wiping the front window with a damp cloth every morning before you leave the car.

One night down, the wiper is dry, want to get out of the car, with the wiper overnight accumulation in the front window of the ash scraped clean, such dry grinding, not only difficult to achieve good results, but also easy to damage the wiper. Correct method is: after wet cloth is wiped, let small 6 spray water again blow blow. Because authentic water that wash glass is to contain volatilize, can let window face achieve quickly dry, avoid wet glass to suck ash to rise mud thereby.

(3) car owners should get into the habit of cleaning the front window every night when they return to the garage to collect their cars.

Especially come back from the rain, accumulated in the front window of the water droplets, second in the morning dry into water stains, and then join the dust adsorption, the front window is difficult to rely on the rain alone to scrape clean. If the previous night, use a wet wiper to clean the front window. The next morning, I could drive easily and cleanly.

(4) don't rush to turn on the wiper when drizzling.

At this time on the front window of the water shortage, wiper dry scraping, will only produce the opposite effect. The scraped mud on the front window is hard to clean. If the rain accumulation is slow and does not affect the line of sight, it is best to wait for more rain on the front window before starting wiper. Start using a windscreen wiper in the drizzle, preferably by letting the wiper spray glass water six times before you start scraping. Make sure the front window has enough water to warm the wiper.

(5) the wiper had better use the second gear, continuous back and forth scraping.

Some riders prefer to use the intermittent mode during light rain, which is not very good. Driving on the road, not only to prevent the rain, but also better prevent the front of the muddy water. Run into this kind of circumstance, intermittent pattern scratches the before window very easily the decorative pattern of mud be soiled, affect line of sight badly.

(6) the rain stopped on the road, do not rush to turn off the wiper.

The reason is the same as above, such as the front window splashed with the front car with mud points, and then in a hurry to open the wiper, then becomes the mud scraping.


The power source of the wiper comes from the motor, which is the core of the wiper system. The quality requirement of wiper motor is quite high. It USES dc permanent magnet motor and the windshield wiper motor mounted on the front windshield glass is generally integrated with the mechanical part of worm gear. The function of worm gear and worm mechanism is to decelerate and increase torsion. Its output shaft drives the four-link mechanism, which changes the continuous rotary motion into the motion of left and right oscillation.

The windshield wiper motor USES a 3-brush structure to facilitate transmission. The intermittent time is controlled by the intermittent relay, and the wiper can be swept according to a certain period by using the return switch contact of the motor and the charging and discharging function of the relay's resistance and capacitance. Wiper blade tape is a direct removal of rain water and dirt on the glass tools. The blade rubber strip is pressed to the glass surface through the spring strip, and its lip must be matched with the glass Angle to achieve the required performance.

Under normal circumstances, the wiper control knob on the handle of the automobile combination switch is equipped with three gears of low speed, high speed and intermittently. The top of the handle is the key switch of the scrubber. Press the switch to spray the washing water. Scrubber system is a very common device on the car, it is composed of water storage tank, water pump, water pipe, water nozzle. Water storage tank is generally 1.5 liters ~2 liters of plastic tank, pump is a kind of miniature electric centrifugal pump, through it will be stored in the tank of washing water into the nozzle, through the 2~4 nozzle extrusion will wash water into a fine jet jet to the wind glass, with the windshield wiper to clean the wind glass.

The principle of a wiper with bone is to press the wiper blade on the glass through a number of supporting points on the skeleton, so that the pressure of each supporting point on the wiper blade is not equal. In the process of use, due to the bone wiper each support point pressure is not equal, the degree of wear is not equal, easy to appear between the wiper blade and glass friction noise, not easy to clean impurities.

Boneless windshield wiper relies on a whole guide strip to disperse the pressure, so that the force on each part of the blade is even, which can reduce the generation of water marks and scratches and achieve a better effect of scraping.

Maintenance guide

1. In sunny days, when using a wiper to remove dust on the windshield surface, be sure to spray glass water, and do not dry the wiper.

2. Other stubborn and hard dirt on the glass should be cleaned by hand. These things are very easy to make the wiper blade injury, resulting in the rain scraping not clean. In severe cases, the wiper motor can also be affected.

3, car washing and daily cleaning need to lift the wiper, to hold the wiper "back", put gently back, not snap the wiper back.

4, winter use, should be the first ice shovel to clear the windscreen surface of ice, so as not to increase the burden of the wiper.

5. If the dirt on the wiper is difficult to clean or the wiper itself has problems, it is best to find a professional repair as soon as possible.

Collapse edit this section selection method

There are roughly two types of wipers. One is the conventional intermittent wiper, which is the most common wiper. The other is the raindrop induction, used in more advanced models. A good wiper must have heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, can fit the windshield, reduce the burden of the motor, low noise, dial-water strong, soft not scratch the windshield and other characteristics, can make your vision clear. Maintenance personnel suggest, in order to ensure your driving safety, the best wiper replacement once a year.

1. First of all, please find out which type of wiper your car is using. Please refer to the vehicle manual and see the wiper model indicated above.

2. Pay attention to whether the way the support rod is connected to the wiper rocker arm is matched. Some arms are screwed to the rocker arm, while others are bolted.

3. Pull up the wiper and run your fingers over the cleaned rubber wiper to check for damage and the elasticity of the rubber blade. If the blade aging, hardening, crack, the wiper is unqualified.

4. During the test, put the wiper switch at various speed positions to check whether the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds. Especially in the state of intermittent work, but also pay attention to the wiper in the movement whether to maintain a certain speed.

5. Check the wiper state and whether the wiper rod has uneven swing or leakage phenomenon of wiper. If the following three conditions occur, the wiper is unqualified. One is the swing is not suitable, wiper beating; Second, the rubber contact surface and the glass surface can not completely fit, and produce wipe residue; Three is to wipe the glass surface after the water film state, the glass produced fine stripes, fog and linear residual.

6, in the test should pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise motor, especially should pay attention to is when the wiper motor "buzz" sound without rotation. This indicates that the mechanical transmission part of the wiper rust dead or stuck place, at this time should immediately close the wiper switch, in order to prevent the burning of the motor.

Some people believe that the longer the blade, the bigger the area and the better the view. In fact, the wiper blade is not the longer the better. Increasing the length of the wiper blade increases the visibility, but it also increases the load on the wiper motor and the wiper rod. Of course, to lengthen of course, but to ensure that the wiper must not interfere with the normal work.