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Wiper blade maintenance tips

Jan 26, 2018

The wiper looks very small, very simple, actually very big function. The wiper is like the owner's good helper, tirelessly busy, but also the owner a clear vision. Make sure you are safe. Let's look at common problems and maintenance methods for wipers

 Firstly Some Common Phenomenon of wiper blade


1, Normanl phenomenon:

small water phenomenon: when the wiper brushes through the windshield, there are still small water droplets attached to the glass surface. This phenomenon is caused by the quality of the windshield, rubber strip or rubber strip itself.


2. Strip marks: the best palms of the wiper wall were not found, resulting in not every part of the wiper being in full contact with the glass; Improper arm pressure or damage to the superstructure, or even inappropriate rain scrapers, can lead to such phenomena

3, rubber strip crack: the use of rubber strip has a certain life, after the cold and hot acid and alkali under the raging, hardening crack or spalling inevitably, some rain scraper will fall off directly on the wiper arm. If the quality of the tape is poor, the damage time will be faster.

Second,Wiper maintenance method: 


1, in addition to washing the glass windows, it is best to wipe wiper strips with glass cleaning liquid, so wiper strip life will be longer. Put wiper switch at various speed positions. Check the wiper at different speeds to maintain a certain speed. 

2 check the wiper wiper water state and whether the wiper rod swinging uneven or leaky scraping phenomenon. Either of these two faults occur. It means that the wiper blade is damaged. In addition, pay attention to whether the wiper has vibration and noise in the work

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3. Pull the wiper up, touch it with your finger on the rubber wiper blade after cleaning, check if there is damage, check whether the rubber blade has good elasticity, if the blade is aging, harden and crack. A new one should be replaced.

  Good usage habits can also extend the service life of rain scrapers. When the front windshield dust is found, the owner can use glass water to clean, glass water has a lubricating effect. You can also manually clean the dirt, then use wiper cleaning. If it is a long time open parking vehicle.