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Why wipers will ring, jump and scrape not clean, how to solve?

Jul 03, 2018

With the advent of hot summer, in addition to always paying attention to our own bodies to avoid discomfort caused by the high temperature weather, for the majority of car owners, they should also care whether their wipers can work normally in high temperature weather, and whether there is any abnormal noise. Bouncing and scrubbing dirty? Let's talk about this topic today.

Generally speaking, whether the wiper will ring or jump is determined by two factors: the attack angle of the wiper bar and the material of the adhesive strip.


The attack angle of the wiper stick is the wiper machine in the process of scraping. The angle between the section of the glue bar and the car glass is called the angle of attack. In the process of the wiper, the angle of attack is changing because the front window of the car has a certain arc, so the wiper is in the small angle. When the water is scraped down, the deformation direction of the rubber strip will synchronize with the direction of water scraping, and it will be accompanied by scratching and abnormal symptoms.


For the rubber strip material of the wiper, the focus is on the compression force after installing the hook arm of the car. If the rubber strip is good, the Rain Water of the blade is not the cutting edge of the front screen in the scraping process, and it will produce a very large friction force in the work. The wiper also becomes loud and bounces with the wiper and increases the wear of the tape.

Finally, I told you that you could pull the arm of the car in the hot weather to extend the service life of the Yu Shua glue strip.