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Why is there a rear wiper in the hatchback, not in the back of the tripod

Apr 13, 2018

Why is there a rear wiper in the hatchback, not in the back of the tripod

First, the design problem.

  As we all know, the cab and the backup car are made into the same compartment, and the engine is arranged independently.This design is often used in small cars and compact cars to increase interior space.In the trunk design is generally a hatchback style, rear windshield and door are integrated.Therefore, the wiper also has the installation space.The rotating shaft is mounted on the metal door under the windshield, which does not affect the use of the wiper when closing the door.

 But the tripod is different.Because in the design of the trunk, the trunk is an independent box.The windshield is separated from the body.We can imagine that on the basis of this design, there is no place to install wipers.If installed above the trunk cover, when opened will have an impact on the position of the wiper, is not feasible.

Second, the hatchback is more dirty than the rear windshield.

 This involves a fluid mechanics problem, so I don't want to dwell on the expertise.In fact, there will be a vacuum in the rear part of the vehicle and there will be eddy current.Compared with the three-compartment car, the swirl in the rear part of the car is larger, and the dust is easier to gather on the windshield surface, and there will be a layer of dust attached to the surface of the windscreen day in and day out.Therefore, the installation of windshield is natural.

  To sum up, because of the design structure and hydrodynamic factors, it is decided that the rear window of the hatchback car is equipped with wipers, but most of the three-compartment cars have no wiper at the back.Of course, in hatchbacks we will also see the configuration of wipers, this is not the exclusive car hatchback.I do not know if the owners understand, let's pass on to more partners.