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Why is the wiper black and not transparent

May 12, 2018

First of all: the wiper is divided into two parts, wiper arm and rain scraper. 

Divided into the following assumptions:  

A) assuming that the wiper is transparent, the material required is to ensure that it does not age in the sun and rain for long periods of time, and the transparency is always the same, so the wiper must not be cheap. 

B) assuming that the wiper arm is transparent, then metal cannot be used, plastic or glass? The common material is not strong enough, the cost is too high.  

C) assuming that the cost of the material has been resolved by "wiper" and "wiper arm" is transparent. When the sun enters, the reflection / refraction that affects the traffic safety is no small matter, which will bring safety hazard to the driver.  

Test: you can pick up a piece of glass and you can experience hallucinations and light reflections caused by transparent properties.  

Note: all black (black element) wipers, which contain carbon. Carbon wear resistance, the addition of carbon in rubber, will enhance wear-resistant belt. 

Therefore, the wiper should not be transparent in color.


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