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Why is the wiper always scratching?

Oct 24, 2018


Best Latest 10+1 Rubber Telfon Graphite Multifunction Windshield Wiper Blades.jpgThe wiper can be said to hold a very important position in the summer. Compared with the short break in winter, the wiper often needs to be operated in the summer. If the owners of the car don’t pay much attention to the maintenance of the wiper in the winter, the summer will be You must pay more attention to it, otherwise frequent use and improper maintenance will damage the wiper.

When you find that the wiper does not clean the windshield and needs cleaning, how do you clean the car owners? Do you use a high-pressure water gun to rush in the car, or use a fine cleaning to clean it? These two methods are not right. The former method is too strong, but the wiper of the rubber product may be difficult to bear and deform. The latter method is good at carefulness, but the detergent contains the composition of the rotted rubber, which is not suitable use.

Wipe cleaning requires only simple water. No special cleaning agent is needed. Flush the wiper with ordinary water with a small flow of water. While washing, wipe the wiper back and forth in the direction of the wiper. The dirty things, so that the wiper can be cleaned in place. In addition to water, you can use a more convenient wiper cleaner to clean the wiper. The wiper cleaner can be added to the wiper bottle in a certain proportion with the wiper water. Wiper cleaning The agent is not harmful to the rubber. After all, it is specialized for the wiper. After the addition, the wiper effect can be better.