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Why is it popular to use a boneless wiper now? is there any advantage?

Apr 08, 2018

What is a boneless wiper and what are the advantages of a boneless wiper

   Unlike traditional wipers, boneless wipers without skeleton support, instead of wiper rubber strip, boneless wiper steel sheet, wiper sheathing, plastic parts and other four components.Under this design, not only the wiper is more flexible, compared with the traditional wiper, the force and wear are more uniform, can achieve a better scrape effect, but also further improve the safety of driving.

   With the progress of technology and market, Bones wipers are becoming more and more popular with consumers.Of course, the performance of its advantages and disadvantages is also obvious.Not only close close, good wiping effect, but also more wear-resistant, easy to replace, also greatly increased in service life.So in the choice of replacement, we recommend the use of a boneless wiper.

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