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Why is cleaning the wax on the wiper blade so important?

Jun 21, 2018

In fact, for the windshield’s care is mainly correct maintenance and use of the wiper and shutters scrubber. It may be not complex, but being able to do well it is not a easy thing.

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  Let us have a look are the wiper blade. Because the wiper blade rubber strip is added some wax that can prevent from aging. When first using the wiper blades, you should use soft cloth to dip some the liquid that washes window to clean the wax on its surface. Because any oily substances on the surface of the windshield and scraping can increase the scraping and brushing resistance, reduce scraping brush wiping degree.

  Of course, the care of the wiper blades scraping tongue is not the time you're done, because of the dust in the air, as well as vehicle exhaust discharged oil and other tiny substances, they will be attached to the windshield wiper blade, increasing friction wiper. If the surface of scraping tongue is attached a lot of dust, it will reduce its elasticity, and affect the use life.

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