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Why is car’s wiper so important and what’s the way to replace the wiper?

Jul 26, 2018

 In summer, when driving the car, we are most afraid of experiencing a sudden thundershower. When heavy rain falls on the car's windshield, the wiper blades do not strike.

  The reason: especially in the rain night, the wiper is an indispensable device. Because of the dim light and heavy rain, they will let the driver's visible area shortening of 4~6 meters. The wiper in the winter will be subjected to ice and snow, snow melting salt and extreme cold weather, and these are likely to make the blade crack, reducing the wiper function. If your wiper leaves visible marks on the glass, or under the rain, if it needs to shake repeatedly to wipe off the rain cleanly, this shows that the wiper should be replaced.

  The method: when replacing wiper, the best way is to replace the whole device rather than merely to replace the rubber wiper blade. You can go to the auto shop to buy with your car brands, models or production date matching wiper.

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