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Why does the automatic wiper sense rainfall?

Aug 21, 2018

Why does the automatic wiper sense rainfall?


Top Rated Rubber Rear Beam Screen Windshield Wipers Blades With Multi Adapter.jpgOn rainy days, many car owners have this kind of trouble: to adjust the speed of the wiper frequently, because it is too slow to brush the rain, too fast and affect the line of sight, which greatly affects the driving experience and safety. In order to solve this pain point, a wiper that can automatically adjust the speed to sense the rainfall is born. This kind of tall equipment can only be seen in high-end cars and luxury cars. In recent years, this function has been popularized, many middle and high-level and even intermediate. The high-profile models of the car are also common. How does the induction wiper automatically sense the rainfall? How wide is the scope of the sensor?

The car has to function to sense rainfall. First, it has a sensor, the rain sensor. The earliest rain sensor was not used in the wiper. It was used in the convertible to provide automatic switching for the roof and four-door windows. The more rain on the glass, the less light is reflected back. Therefore, the wiper is based on this to control the speed of the wiper. The rain sensor is generally in the position of the car.

Of course, the rain sensor is not omnipotent, and its sensing range is also a circle. beyond this range, it can do nothing. That is to say, if the rain falls outside this circle, this automatic induction does not work. Therefore, when designing the wiper wiper area, the position of the rain sensor needs to be considered. Generally, the outermost end of the driving side wiper wiping area is required to maintain a certain distance from the rain sensor, and the passenger side scraper wiping area must cover the range of the rain sensor.