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Why does an incorrect angle of attack cause a wiper to jump?

Jul 01, 2018

Let's first look at the functional state of the strip wiping, which is actually the edge of the rubber blade working, the actual contact surface is actually very small. Moreover, the direction of deformation of the edge is opposite to the direction of wiping.


If the wiper attack angle is not correct, too inclined, then wiper in the water because of the rubber blade edge deformation direction and wiper direction will appear synchronously beat; if standing too easy to seepage, scratching unclean symptoms.


Meto wiper adopts imported natural rubber and has been tested by wiper tester 1.5 million times to meet the international test standard. The wiper rubber strip is sprayed by Teflon to increase the lubricity, reduce the friction with the automobile glass, and improve the service life of the wiper.