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Why does a driverless car have wipers and is also important?

May 19, 2018

However, these sensors are not enough. In order to ensure their acuity, the sensors must not be damaged or dirty, so the Google covers the sensors on the unmanned body with a glass cover.





But the problem is, what if the cover outside is dirty? This time Google designed this autonomous cleaning system to solve this problem. It can detect when these protective covers are dirty and clean themselves.

The cleaning system consists of multiple wipers that protect the glass cover of a 360-degree detector. Patented, in addition to the wiper, it also has cleaning liquid. When the wiper is activated, it is also released to assist the wiper to finish cleaning quickly. It may seem like a modest design, but for an unmanned vehicle that relies heavily on sensors to sense road conditions, such a small design is very important. 

Google has also made a lot of safety attempts. In addition to these subtle designs on the body, Google recently began to recruit professional drivers with excellent driving records to participate in the data feedback monitoring of unmanned vehicles. They operated the drone for six to eight hours a day and compared the data when someone was involved with the unmanned vehicle and fed back to the Google's technical team to optimize the design of the drone.