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Why do different cars need its adaptation wiper blade?

Jul 09, 2018

When the wiper blades wiper is bad, try the following method to see whether to make it to regain youth: separation of the first wiper blades and windshield wiper blades, water soaked, the wiper blade back and forth grinding with No. 800 water sandpaper-5 times, and then the water back into the windshield can be cleaned.

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  The principle of this method is the small deformation caused by the use of water sandpaper wiper blades due to dust, cold and warm temperature polished. Ordinary civilian cars on the wipers are divided into the standard U-shaped hook structure and special structure of the two, as Valeo, Bosch, A220 and A210 of these brands belong to the standard U-shaped hook structure.

  Fox, 307, Touran, Sagitar, Magotan, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other models is a special structure of the wipers, and therefore can not use normal U-shaped windshield wipers.