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Why can high quality wiper blade avoid the traffic accident?

Aug 09, 2018

In fact, after a summer of sun exposure, the wiper blade may have been aging in the event of rain and snow weather, wiper failure may lead to a serious accident.

  Vehicles often in rain and snow, walking the dusty weather, long-distance traffic must check the wipers in advance, if your wipers wipe uneven traces left on the glass surface, affect vision, it shows that the wiper blade has been damage, the need for timely replacement.

  In fact, this indiscriminate use will cause the wipers to normal wear and tear, easily damaged. In addition, sometimes the car finishes high-speed, stick some sand or small bodies of the insects on the windshield, some car owners in order to facilitate the direct use of windshield wipers to wipe.

  This will not only give wipers leave the dirt, but also to reduce the life of the wiper, the wiper more prone to damage.