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When Should You Replace Wiper Blades?

Jul 23, 2020

Find out how often you change your wiper blades and how to tell if they need a replacement (STAT). Over time, your wiper blades can wear out when used and the rule of thumb is to replace them every six to twelve months. 

Depending on where you live and how often you drive, you may need to replace them earlier, but it will change depending on how often you use your windshield wipers. In some cases, the wiper blades wear out faster when driving regularly, and then they need to be replaced every six months. You may also need to replace them earlier if they wear out more often, depending on where you live, how many miles you travel and/or what you do. 


You will know that it is time to change the wipers when they start smearing water on the windscreen, and then the rubber blades start to pull on the metal arm of the wiper. You can see this wear and tear when you pull the wiper arm away from the windscreen of your vehicle. If the speed at which the knives change over time, they must be replaced. There are two types of changes to your wiper blades: changes in speed and the time they change. 

Before replacing the blades, however, try to wipe them clean with a damp cloth and make sure that the wiper arm is not bent or broken and that the blade sits tightly on the glass. Sometimes it helps to simply lift the wiper arm off the windscreen and snap it back into place to improve visibility while driving. In addition, the wipers become more visible to the driver, and the likelihood of them becoming smeared decreases. 

On average, you should replace your wiper blades every six months, but if the rubber blades are chipped or rigid, it may be time to throw them out. The wiper blade is one of the most important parts of your car's windscreen wiper system and should be replaced on average every two to three years. Auto parts stores install the blades for you so you can replace them if you need a new one. 

You can also tell if it's time for a change if the knives leave streaks of water instead of wiping the water away. 

However, there are often a number of factors that can determine the lifetime of a wiper blade, such as how often it is used and how often it has been stolen. Anyone who needs a windscreen wiper today can learn how to tell if it needs replacing. Have you noticed that your windshields are streaky or smeared when the wiper blades are in motion? 

It can be simple aging, but if you don't use your wipers often, they can wear and tear more often. If you live in an area prone to more rain, it is more likely that your windscreen wipers will need to be replaced, especially if someone lives in an area with little or no rain or snow. Maybe you live in a drier climate, or maybe you have lived in areas with more snow, so It is best to keep your windscreen wiper blades regularly up to date - until now. 

If you find that your windshield wipers need to be replaced, simply inspect them physically and look for signs of wear and tear such as scratches, scratches on the blades, or cracks in the glass. 

If your windscreen wiper blades or blades are damaged in any way, they may need to be replaced or they may become dangerous and possibly damage your car glass. If the joints on your windscreen wipers seem to be rusting or the squeegee is becoming brittle, this is a good time to switch to a new one. This season is tough for wipers due to the potential for extreme temperatures, and it is also a time when old wipers can easily get damaged and become ineffective. 

Depending on where you live and the weather, your windscreen wipers will need to be changed more frequently throughout the year, depending on the weather.

If you replace your windshield wipers, you will find that there are two types of blades: conventional and jet. The frequency of wiper blades varies depending on the type of blade in your car, with wiper blades generally lasting longer than conventional ones. 

A general reduction in road visibility is a good indicator of the need to replace wiper blades. The best way to monitor the intervals for wiper blade replacement is to check each time you change the oil. 

Test by spraying windscreen detergent and watching the wiper arm clean the windows. You can also use a squeegee to wipe water, snow, and ice out of your sight with the wiper blade. 

If your windshield wiper blade leaves streaks or squeaks, you should be aware that you need a new wiper blade. Typically, you can find a replacement for your wiper blades at a car parts store, and some may even have them for a lower price at your local auto repair shop.