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What to watch out for when buying a car?

Apr 24, 2019
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The choose and buy car

A, to see whether the trademark logo is complete. Authentic products of good quality packaging, packaging box writing clear, overprinter bright colors. On the packing box, the bag, should mark the product name, the specification model, the quantity, the registered trademark, the factory name factory address and the telephone number and so on, some manufacturers also hit own mark on the fitting. Some important parts, such as generator, distributor, fuel pump, etc., are also equipped with operation instruction, certificate of quality and inspector's seal, so as to guide users to use and maintain correctly. Should recognize carefully when the choose and buy, in case bought fake and inferior product.

Two, to see whether the geometric size deformation. Some parts are easily deformed due to improper manufacturing, transportation and storage. When checking, you can roll the shaft parts along the glass plate for a circle to see if there is any light leakage between the parts and the glass plate to judge whether it is bent; When selecting clutch driven plate steel sheet or friction sheet, the steel sheet or friction sheet can be held in front of the eyes to observe whether it warps; When choosing an oil seal, the end face of the oil seal with a skeleton should be perfectly round and fit with the flat glass without deflection. The outer edge of the non-skeleton oil seal should be straight and deformed by holding it with hands, and it should be restored to its original state after letting go. You should also check the geometric dimensions and shapes when purchasing various types of liners.

Three, to see whether the joint is flat. Spare parts in the process of handling, storage, due to vibration, knock against, often in the joint parts burr, indentation, damage or crack, affecting the use of parts. Pay attention to inspection when buying.

Four, see parts surface have no corrosion. Qualified parts of the surface, both a certain degree of precision and burnished finish, the more important parts, the higher the precision, the more strict packaging rust corrosion. When the choose and buy should pay attention to inspection, if found parts rust spots, mildew spots or rubber parts cracked, elastic, or shaft neck surface has obvious turning tool lines, should be replaced.

Five, see whether the protective surface is intact. Most parts are coated when they leave the factory. Such as piston pin, bearing bush with paraffin protection; Piston ring and cylinder liner are coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper. Valves, pistons and other anti-rust oil soaked with plastic bags after packaging. If the sealing cover is damaged, wrapping paper is lost, rust-proof oil or paraffin wax is lost, it should be returned or replaced.

Six, to see whether the adhesive parts are loose. Parts composed of two or more parts, parts are pressed, glued or welded between them, no looseness is allowed between them, such as oil pump plunger and regulating arm is combined by pressing; The clutch driven wheel is riveted with the steel plate, and the friction plate is riveted or glued with the steel plate. The paper filter core framework and the filter paper are bonded together. The ends of electrical equipment are welded together. If found to be loose when the purchase, should be exchanged.

Seven, see whether the rotating parts are flexible. When choosing oil pump and other rotating parts assembly, rotate the pump shaft by hand and feel flexible without stuck; When choosing rolling bearings, support the inner ring of the bearing with one hand and rotate the outer ring with the other hand. The outer ring should rotate freely and quickly, and then stop gradually. If the rotating parts do not work, that the internal corrosion or deformation, do not buy.

Eight, see assembly parts have missing. Regular assembly parts must be complete and intact to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. Some assembly parts on the individual small parts if missing, assembly parts will be unable to work or even scrapped.

The shortage of folding auto parts remanufacturing industry

Short board one, recycle quantity is insufficient, restrict remanufacturing enterprise to develop continuously. Policy constraints also keep the number of car parts small. According to the administrative measures for the recovery of scrapped automobiles (no.307) of the state council, which is still in effect, the "five assemblies", including engine, transmission and front and rear axle, must be sold to steel enterprises as raw materials. But in fact, many of these assemblies are remanufacturable resources. This has resulted in insufficient recycling from the remanufacturing enterprises.

Second, the remanufacturing industry order chaos, the formal enterprises face "miscellaneous" bad competition. For the normal auto parts remanufacturing enterprises, the price of recycling scrap enterprises is generally in accordance with the market price of scrap iron. In the case of a jetta facing obliteration, the company pays the owner about 1,000 yuan. And the small workshop that a few lack aptitude, rely on illicit sale engine, transmission to wait for assembly, gain huge profit.

Take a 10-ton scrapped truck as an example, because the "five big assemblies" cannot be sold according to the regulations, the regular enterprises mainly benefit from selling scrap steel after dismantling, with the maximum selling price of 20,000 yuan and the purchase price of 12,000 yuan. However, the underground dismantling plant is able to buy at a price of 20,000 yuan or more, because at least the illegal sale of the "five assembly", you can make a lot of money, such as the big truck engine can be sold for 7,000 yuan, the rear bridge can be sold for 8,000 yuan, so a car down to 25,000 yuan or more is not difficult.

Third, the overall technical level of domestic remanufacturing enterprises is not high, and the social recognition of the remanufacturing industry is low, which hinders the further development and growth of the industry. According to the introduction, the remanufacturing production of auto parts requires disassembly, cleaning, detection and classification according to specific processes, remanufacturing or replacement of failed parts, and product reassembly, and finally enters the market after strict testing. In fact, due to the late start of China's auto parts remanufacturing industry, equipment is relatively backward, the main input cost is too high, the burden of the enterprise alone is very big, which leads to the domestic remanufacturing industry compared with foreign counterparts, there is still a big gap in technology and quality. An obvious example is that even in the demonstration and pilot enterprises of auto parts remanufacturing, there are still some relatively backward repair and replacement repair methods, and the remanufacturing rate is very low.

At the same time, due to the influence of traditional consumption concept and insufficient publicity and other factors, the current domestic public awareness of auto parts remanufacturing industry is not enough, there is a certain deviation, "even if it is half cheaper, will not buy second-hand" consumption concept is very common. As a result, consumers' understanding and support for automobile remanufacturing is not enough, and remanufactured products are still limited to consumers.

At present, to promote the healthy and orderly development of auto parts remanufacturing industry, it is necessary to make comprehensive use of legal, economic and necessary administrative means to promote, especially for the current widespread phenomenon of private demolition and abuse in the industry, we should increase the administrative law enforcement, and resolutely ban illegal enterprises and small workshops.