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What to do with car wiper often jumping brush?

Apr 21, 2018

When it comes to brush bouncing, the angle of wiper tape is mostly incorrect.


    First, the wiper can be replaced by the entire support 180 degrees (some support can be replaced;)

    Second, the wiper can be removed from the stent in exchange for two into the stent (the stent does not move, 180-degree switch; "  

    Third, adjust the pressure of the wiper arm on the glass (the pressure of the swinging arm spring, simply bend the swing arm by hand (not fully scratching the glass is also a pressure problem)

   Fourth, if the above three methods are not good, it must be that the angle of the wiper swing arm is wrong, which leads to the change of the angle between the wiper scraper and the windshield when in contact, the main reason is that the wiper blade is not perpendicular to the glass as far as possible. Just twist the front end of the wiper's arm with pliers. The wiper bounces up and warps counterclockwise. The wiper bounces back and warps clockwise. Until it doesn't beat and keep the wiper strip vertical to the glass surface.

    However, it is also possible that no matter how the adjustment can not be solved, this may be caused by the aging rain scraper.


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