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What should you watch out for when using a wiper?

Sep 17, 2018

What should you watch out for when using a wiper?


Best Latest 10+1 Rubber Telfon Graphite Multifunction Windshield Wiper Blades.jpgToday, with the development of the automotive industry, wiper technology is very mature, but this device that is essential for driving in rainy days is not innate. From the birth of the first modern car in 1885 to the beginning of the twentieth century, there was no device such as a wiper on the car. The driver had to open the window when driving in the rain, often because of the inability to see the road. ACCIDENT. In our daily use, there are often wipes, wipes, and abnormal sounds. Let me tell you how to solve them.

During the daily car wash and maintenance process, the owner did not clean the glass well, resulting in some dirt and deposits on the front windshield of the car, which led to a decrease in the glass finish. At this time, the owner used the best wiper. If the glass is not cleaned, it will not only affect the driving sight of the owner, but also damage the wiper. Soak the glass with water and gently touch it back and forth on the glass. If the glass surface is not smooth, it indicates foreign matter. When cleaning, you can try to wipe it with warm water for several times, then gently rub it back and forth with your hand. You can also use newspapers to remove these hard-to-clear dirt one by one. The effect is good. Touch the glass, it's very smooth, then turn on the wiper and try it, it will be very clean.

The wiper strips from the original car are imported, and if they are properly maintained, their life expectancy can reach 5 years. How to maintain it? The most important thing to note is to remove the fine sand on the wiper strip in time. With a fine sand scraping water, it is equivalent to using a sand wheel to wipe the rubber strip. It won't take long, it will be scarred, the finish will drop, and the rubber strip will no longer clean the rain. Every time you wash your car, you must use your own hands to clean the tiny sand particles on the wiper strips, because the car washer will not wipe the wiper strips for you. In addition, parking in the summer, try not to expose to the sun, because rubber products are most afraid of direct ultraviolet radiation, easy to age and hard.