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What should pay attention to when using the wiper daily?

Oct 16, 2018

Autozone Windshield Wipers.jpgAdd glass cleaning fluid regularly, without tap water replacement. Glass cleaning fluids have better oil removal and volatility than tap water. Be sure to use a wiper with water on the glass surface to avoid dry scraping. The wiper strip is made of a rubber material, and the dry scraping will damage the strip.

Clean the wiper strip and the attachment on the glass surface in time. Because these attachments can damage the strip. When cleaning, please gently scrub with a soft cloth and a glass cleaning solution to avoid excessive damage to the strip. Lift the wiper arm when the vehicle is not parked for a long time or when parking in snow or ice. In winter, if there is obvious snow or ice on the windshield, it is recommended to wipe off the snow or ice particles and use the wiper to prevent the wiper from oscillating on the snow surface and causing deformation.

You can use a slow stop to scrape without a quick stop. The scraping speed is fast, the frequency of use is large, the number of rubbing times is large, and the service life of the wiper blade is correspondingly reduced.