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What should I pay attention to when changing auto parts?

May 05, 2019
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Auto parts is the parts that make up the whole automobile and the product that serves the automobile. There are many kinds of auto parts. With the improvement of people's living standard, people consume more and more cars, and the market of auto parts is becoming bigger and bigger. In recent years, auto parts manufacturers are also developing rapidly.

Change points edit

First, as far as possible to use sealant, when necessary can use paint to achieve the ideal sealing effect;

Second, rubber seals should be carefully inspected before assembly appearance quality; Use special tools to press, avoid beating deformation;

Third, according to the provisions of lubricating grease, regular cleaning dredge vent and one-way valve;

Fourth, assembly shall be carried out under extremely clean conditions, and the working surface of parts shall be free from bump, scratch, burr and other fixtures;

Fifth, strict operating procedures, seals should be installed correctly, to prevent deformation;

Sixth, grasp the performance specifications and use requirements of seals, timely replacement of failed parts;

Seventh, for the edge cover thin-wall parts, using sheet metal cold correction; The axle-hole parts that are easy to be worn can adopt metal spraying, welding, gluing, mechanical processing and other processes to reach the original factory size.

Eighth, the nut thread broken, loose should be repaired or replaced with a new piece, and twist to the specified torque.

What good method does the choose and buy of car fittings product have? How to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective auto parts, here, to recommend the following tips to help you choose the best auto parts: loss should be returned.

1, look at the original packaging factory accessories packaging is generally more standard, uniform standard specifications, printing handwriting clear and normal, and counterfeit products packaging printing is relatively coarse, often can easily find flaws from the packaging;

2, look at the color of some of the original parts specified on the surface of a certain color, in the case of other colors, it is counterfeit and shoddy parts;

3, look at the appearance of the original factory accessories appearance printing or casting and marking clear and normal, and counterfeit products rough appearance;

4, see paint illegal businessmen will waste old parts by simple processing, such as demolition, assembly, assembly, gather, paint processing, and then posing as qualified products for sale, illegal access to high profits;

5, see the quality of the original factory accessories materials are designed to meet the requirements of qualified materials, fake products are mostly used cheap inferior materials substitute;

6, look at the appearance of inferior products, although sometimes good, but because of the poor production process, easy to crack, sand hole, slag, burr or bruise;

7, see "storage" auto parts if there are cracks, oxidation, chameleon or aging problems, may be in the storage of the environment is poor, long storage time, poor material itself and other reasons;

8. See "engagement" : if the clutch plate rivet is loose, the brake leather tube is debonded, the electrical parts joint is unwelded, and the paper filter element joint is disengaged, etc., it cannot be used;

9, see the logo part of the normal parts marked with some marks, such as when the gear mark, piston top mark and other assembly marks, to ensure the correct installation of parts, not to buy;

10, see the missing normal assembly parts must be complete and intact, in order to ensure the smooth loading and normal operation. Some assembly parts on the individual small parts of the leakage, generally "gray goods", these to the loading difficulties. Often due to the shortage of individual small parts, resulting in the whole assembly parts scrapped;

11, look at the protective layer in order to facilitate the storage, to prevent the parts knock, the parts before leaving the factory have a protective layer. For example bushing, the size of the bearing bush, piston, valve and so on are generally protected by paraffin wax, so as not to damage its surface, the surface of these important accessories, if there is no protective layer, more for "gray goods";

12, to see some important parts, especially assembly, such as carburetor, distributor, generator, etc., generally with a factory instruction manual, certificate, to guide the user to install, use and maintenance, if there is no these are mostly fake and shoddy products;

13, look at the specifications of auto parts, to find out the main technical parameters, special technology to meet the requirements of use. Some fake and inferior products look the same as the real ones, but they are not suitable to be installed, either big or small, and they are not always satisfactory to use and leave hidden dangers.

14. The inspection report issued by a third party can not only prove its authenticity, but also show its quality.