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What should do with the wiper?

Aug 27, 2018

What should do with the problem of wiper?


Windscreen Washing Wiper Universal Soft Wiper Blade.jpgThe main cause of the wiper beating and the enamel glass is no less than three points. First, the front windshield of the car is not clean enough; secondly, the wiper strip of the car has reached the end of its service life; the last is the wiper spring. The intensity is gradually declining with the increase of the age of the car. We will check the wiper according to these three reasons, and basically solve the problem.

If the owner finds that the wiper is smashing glass and beating during the rainy day, be sure to find a place to cover the rain and stop the car. Don't endure the troubles and open the highway and the highway. After parking, the first thing we checked out was not the wiper but the front windshield. Many car owners have this experience. As soon as the rainy season is over, the front windshield is scraped by the wiper, and a misty layer of “dirty film” appears. The spray of more wiper is only temporarily clean and the water is dry. Then there was an annoying "dirty film". This layer of things was actually accumulated on the front windshield before the rainy season. Most of this material was discharged from the air. The oil pollution, as well as dust pollutants in industrially developed areas, adsorbed on the glass to form a "dirty film", which is difficult to find when it is not raining. Once it encounters rainy weather, this layer of "dirty film" will appear. When the wiper strips scrape through these impurities, the front windshield will fluff. For a long time, the wiper strip itself will be damaged, and the wiper glass and beating will gradually appear.

Regardless of how long the car owner washes the car, but in order to avoid the formation of the front screen wind "dirty film", it is best to scrub the front windshield once a week with water, in some areas with more serious air pollution, the owner can drop in the water properly Alkaline cleaner. If the front windshield is cleaned frequently, and the wiper is still glazed and beating, then we need to check if the wiper strip is aging. In the case that the owner can still solve the problem if the front windshield and the wiper strip are ok, then we need to aim at the wiper spring device.