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What's the Silicone refill of the wiper blade

Jul 11, 2019

What's the Silicone refill of the wiper blade???

Silicone wiper


 1 hydrates the windshield to ensure that the line of sight (safety) 

2 prolongs the service life of the tape

3 suppresses the jitter sound 

4 prolongs the service life of the water absorption effect


    The driver is driving in a rainy day with a very large danger. But if a silica gel windshield wiper is used, the water repellency on the windshield of the windshield wiper can make the rainwater not easy to adhere to the glass surface, reduce the contact area of the raindrop and the glass surface, and control the refraction of the light generated by the raindrops. And the raindrops reach the effect of easy sliding. Compared with the current natural rubber windshield wiper, the line-of-sight is more ensured, and the exercise safety of a large-scale rainfall day is ensured. (silicone wiper for safe driving design) 

    And the silica gel windshield wiper has super-strong durability. This is because the components of the silica gel are better in heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance, ozone resistance and wear resistance than natural rubber. So that the silica gel windshield wiper can maintain the brushing effect at the initial stage for a long time. (with excellent wiper durability and high brushing performance) 

    The silicone rubber wiper will never give rise to a jitter phenomenon. Because of the characteristics of the silica gel and the application of the newly developed friction reducing agent, it is more stable and is not easy to generate the shake. The flat glass or the curved glass after the water-repellent effect is treated, even if the resistance is large, the phenomenon of shaking is not generated. The windshield is treated by the water-repellent effect, and the water-repellent effect can be kept for a long time by using a silica gel windshield wiper. This is because the water-repellent agent of the silica gel is the same as the basic cost of the water-repellent agent applied on the glass surface. Therefore, the water-repellent agent is not mutually offset, but when a part of the water-repellent agent disappears, the water-repellent agent can play a mutually reinforcing effect, thereby achieving a longer water-setting property. (Refer to another page of data, durable test results)

    If a silica gel wiper is used, it is not necessary to apply the water-repellent agent repeatedly on the glass surface. The quiet brushing performance, the poor brush rain, and the silica gel made by the very managed synthetic engineering maintain the high brushing performance on the basis of no material deviation and stable quality. In addition, no additives such as processing aids are contained in the rubber, and the rubber strip does not produce oil film and the like. And can be used as combustible waste.






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