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What's the difference between a parallel wiper and an open one?

Apr 23, 2018

  The two most common types of wipers are parallel wipers (i.e. synchronous wipers from left to right) and open wipers (i.e. cross wipers from left to right)

 The disadvantages of parallel wipers are that the copilot wipers are short, so the upper right corner of the copilot is prone to blind area when wiping.


  The connecting rod mechanism of the open wiper is longer than that of the parallel wiper, and it needs more water slot space to install, so the cost is generally higher than that of the parallel wiper. In addition, the copilot covers more than the parallel wiper, relatively less blind area. However, open windshield wiper is easy to appear in the front windshield between the situation, affecting the line of sight.


  So, since the opposite type wiper cost is relatively high, is it possible to say that parallel wipers are "cheap", and open wipers are high-end goods? In fact, the parallel wiper, the opposite wiper, also need to according to the regulations: 98% in front of the driver scrape coverage, the copilot in front of 80% scrape coverage. As to which type of wiper is chosen, it has much to do with the shape of the front windshield.