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What kind of wiper do you have?What parts does the wiper consist of?

Apr 16, 2018

What kind of wiper do you have? What parts does the wiper consist of?

  Wiper assembly contains motor, reducer, four-bar mechanism, wiper arm shaft, wiper assembly and so on.When the driver presses the switch of the wiper, the motor starts, and the speed of the motor drives the swing arm through the deceleration and torsion of the worm gear and worm, and the swing arm drives the four-bar mechanism, which drives the swing of the rotating shaft installed on the front coaming plate.

  Finally, the windshield is swept by the rain blade driven by the rotating shaft.There are about two types of wipers. One is the traditional intermittent type, which is the most common wiper. It ranges from three to four sections, and is adjusted by the driver according to the rain intensity and the condition of the line of sight. The other is the rainbead sensor.In recent years, it has been used in medium-class models.Good wiper must have heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-erosion, can close windshield, reduce motor burden, low noise, strong water, soft and non-scraped windshield, can make your field of vision clear.