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What is the situation that the car wiper is not clean

Sep 12, 2020

      First of all, check whether the rubber strip of the wiper is aging and hardened, which causes the wiper to hang clean and abnormal noise.



If after replacing the wiper, there are still dirty windshields and abnormal noises, then it is likely that the windshield is too dirty. The vehicle is parked in the open, and there are dust and foreign objects on the windshield, such as resin. This will cause the wiper to be dirty. At this time, you need to clean the lower windshield. You can use a METO wiper blade  abrasive to clean the dust and grease on the lower windshield.


The replacement cycle of natural rubber wipers is generally about 3-4 months, while silicone wipers are recommended to be replaced once a year.


When the wiper has the following symptoms, it may be replaced in advance:


1. Damages that can be distinguished by eyes: cracks, cracks, aging, rust, deformation, attachments, discoloration, etc., it is recommended to replace the wiper in time


2.  Damages that can be distinguished by ears: The rubber strip has fallen off from the frame, and every time it is wiped, it will slap the front windshield, making abnormal sounds such as jumping and shaking. It is recommended to replace the wiper in time.


3. Look at the wiper effect to distinguish: When you are using the wiper, if there are scratches on both sides or the middle of the glass after each wipe, it is recommended to replace the wiper.



When your car appear above situation . recommend to use METO wiper blade .

It has a service life that is 3 times longer than that of ordinary rubber wipers, is not afraid of high temperatures, not afraid of severe cold, anti-ultraviolet, non-aging, and invariability. It is the best choice for safe travel with you!

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