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What is the reason for the wiper's noise or shaving?

Jul 04, 2018

What is the reason for the wiper's noise or shaving?

(1) the contact position between the wiper and the hook arm of the automobile is loosened or the rubber strip is aged;

(2) the angle of the hook arm of the automobile is incorrect, which results in the windshield of the wiper and the glass surface exceeding 0 degree angle; 

(3) the glass is astringent, Most of the lack of cleaning on the surface of the formation of a layer of extremely difficult to clean the mixed oil film, the car is generally invisible.


How can these problems be solved?

(1) The normal new brush is running in the sound, it can be brushed clean, and the sound is not sharp (normal), because the shaving blade of the wiper and the bone wiper is different from the.90%'s bone Wiper using the horizontal double layer or more layers of glue to cover the water. The next few layers of knife and glass dry scraping, causing sound (but scraping very clean!). In this case, don't worry too much. With a period of use, the sound will disappear. And when the sound disappears, it is time to change the wiper (or glue bar) again, at this time not to dry the sound, but to vibrate. Voice (not clean), carefully distinguish the areas that can be heard.


(2) Wiper knife edge problem, aging or defective products, the sound sharp and quivering, back and forth not clean (abnormal) generally for a long time, After the wiper rubber strip is oxidized, 50% will appear similar! 

(3) The wiper rubber strip knife edge scrape brush position is not right, may produce the back and forth one process brush is not clean, the sound sharp (abnormal condition) one kind is the newly bought boneless wiper has the situation, One is used for a period of time but the wiper has not yet reached the aging period there is a similar situation! In fact, this situation is caused by the deviation of the angle of the hook arm of the wiper, which results in an angle between the rubber strip and the central position of the automobile glass after the installation of the wiper. (the wiper with bone is not designed as a whole and is completed by riveting process. When you encounter such an angle, you can adjust it yourself, but you can't do without a wiper without a bone!


Finally, you can tell you a trick. When the weather is hot, you can pull up your car's arm to extend the service life of the wiper tape.